The Band

We are friends who enjoy music together.
Our songs range from Americana type tunes to relaxing
and spiritual songs using various Native American flutes.

Kevin Donoho, Emiliano Campobello & Robert Reil

A special thanks to: D. Haq & B. Wise,
Sierra Reeves lead vocals for, “Midnite Sun”,
Susan Reeves on backup vocals plus spoken word,
Jack Lees on drums, cajon and chimes,
Vince Chafin on bass, percussion, NA flute, guitar & Moyos

Co-mixed & produced: V.Chafin, K.Donoho, Cjt and P.Penedo

Mastered by Figure 8 Sound (Cjt and P. Penedo)

Shoshone Sunrise and Oasis used with permission from
Vince Chafin @ Heart Whisperer Music

cover artwork for our CD, “Freedom” by Karrel Christopher

Regional Roots Album

For Your Consideration

59th Grammy Awards:
Best Regional Roots Album and Best American Roots Song

Our song “Freedom” was recently added to the NAMA compilation CD
Water is Life: (Supporting the Standing Rock Sioux)

(Native American Music Awards site – free CD here)

Rockapelli, has been nominated for:    NAMA

    • A Native American Music Award (“Nammy”) in 2014 & 2016
    • Indian Summer Music Awards finalists (2 songs) in 2014
    • Silver Arrow Award for music contributions in 2014 & 2016

Signed by Spirit Wind Records


Emiliano Campobello

Emiliano Campobello (The Artist)


Kevin Donoho

Kevin Donoho (The Poet)


Robert Reil

Robert Reil (The Singer)


Our new CD, “Freedom”, is available now.

Check out our new songs on the playlist (icon is at the bottom – right). plist

Here is a song from our first CD called, “Apotheosis”.

Thanks for listening!

To contact: send an email to poetnxile@gmail.com

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