is an ancient humpbacked flute player.

Old images of Kokopelli can be found

all around the Southwestern States.

Native American’s left the images in the

form of petroglyphs. Kokopelli could

represent child birthing and fertility.  He

could also be related to agricultural cycles.

Some speculate that he could have been a

trader. Maybe Kokopelli played the flute to

announce his arrival, and that hump was a

sack of goods he brought with him to trade?

Sometimes he looks more like an insect.

Some are very phallic with exaggerated parts.

Most of them show him playing the flute.

Was Kokopelli the first Rock Star?

He also represents the spirit of music.

In that spirit, we raise our voices together.

We honor the old and new in our songs.

Music can be healing and spiritual.

It is an experience that we can all share.

Thanks for stopping by.

Peace and good luck on your path.



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